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Beautifully designed business management software for your animal training and behavior business. 

Build healthier, happier connections with clients and their pets. Increase your sales and reclaim your precious time.

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"I never thought I'd be excited about software, but Fetch is a game changer for professionals in the animal space"

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Sara Ondrako
Certified Behavior Consultant, IAABC

You're struggling to find software that efficiently manages your animal training/behavior business and allows you to connect with your clients.

It’s no secret that most software solutions out there are generic, overly complex, and far from tailored to your specific business needs.

Trying to adapt your workflow to these one-size-fits-all solutions is a massive drain on your time, money, and peace of mind.

Fetch was created to solve these problems. Our software is beautifully designed with the features you rely on daily. We work with industry professionals to craft features that resonate with real animal trainers and behavior professionals. We’ve removed the unnecessary clutter, and created software that is genuinely enjoyable to use.

Stay Connected

Sharing training or behavior plans, session schedules, products, and documents with clients is so easy and seamless with the client portal. 

Simple & Clutter Free

We’ve eliminated all of the clutter you never used with those other platforms and created a tool that is light weight, easy, and enjoyable to use.

Tools Driven by Professional

Fetch is constantly updating with improvements and features driven by the professionals using the software. It truly is a software for professionals, by professionals.

Designed For You

We don't do generic. Built specifically for animal trainers and behavior professionals.


Easily create training or behavior plans, share with clients, and track your progress.

Product Library

Add your favorite products with links and affiliate codes, then easily share with clients.


Keep track of your business and clients' needs with a powerful built task manager.


Upload handouts and keep them all in one place for easy sharing with clients.


Connecting to other applications helps keep your business in sync and running smoothly.

Clients + Animals

Clients, Animals, and Companies are all at the forefront. No workarounds for your contacts.


Easily create assignments for clients in between sessions and stay on track with training.


Effortlessly manage your sales pipeline, project, or events in one spot.

Cloud Storage

Allow clients to upload images, videos, and documents with 20GB of free storage.


An easy and visual way to see where all your clients are located, making scheduling easier.


Take the mundane work out of manually entering all your clients information.

Client Portal

Invite your clients to collaborate on their training sessions. All your materials are in one spot.


Create groups so that you have less work and more time to spend on your client's needs.


Assign labels to clients, animals, and companies to help you stay organized and efficient.


Sharing articles, links, and websites has never been simpler or quicker.


You and your clients will always know the details of their next training session.

Video Vault

Add your favorite YouTube videos, share with clients and attach to homework assignments.

Build healthier, happier connections with clients and their pets

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