Intuitive client and animal management

With Fetch, animals get their own profiles connected to clients or companies, providing a dynamic, detailed view that enhances client relations and simplifies how you manage animal data.

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Streamlining contact and animal connections for enhanced operational efficiency

Simple Contact Profile Management

Access everything connected to a contact — from animals, tasks, invoices, tags – all in one place, ensuring a clutter-free, efficient overview that saves you time and enhances organization.

Animal Profiles

Create detailed profiles for each animal, showcasing essential information and personalized records.

Training Sessions

Efficiently organize and manage all your training sessions, ensuring each animal’s schedule is up-to-date.

Homework & Roadmaps

Provide structured guidance. Enabling consistent, targeted progress for each animal’s training and development.


Share essential resources such as products, videos, links, and handouts, all centralized for easy access.

Client organization done right


The form information that clients complete are easily accessible.

Client Uploads

View what file clients upload from their client portal.


Do you recommend products to clients? You’ll love this feature.


Everyone works a little different, tags help keep things organized.


See which cards are associated with which contatcs and animals.


Do ever miss a task again. Assign an animal to a task for efficiency.

Discover Fetch

Play around with our software first and see why it’s the preferred business software for animal trainers and behavior professionals. 

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Work from anywhere

Fetch seamlessly operates on all devices, eliminating the need for app downloads and updates. Enjoy constant access to the latest updates and features.

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