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Elevate workflow with structuring

Streamline your operations and save time by creating groups and templates. Organize resources, homework, and roadmaps efficiently, allowing you to replicate success across multiple clients without duplicating efforts.

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Groups and templates optimized for maximum efficiency and enhanced productivity

There is power in groups and templates

Create groups and templates for homework, roadmaps, and resources to streamline your business processes. Eliminate the need for duplicating or copying the same materials.

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Quickly add or create products, videos, links and handouts  directly from your groups and templates. 

Stay Organized

By consolidating homework assignments into a single main group, you significantly save time.


Set up templates once and reuse them to save time on routine documentation, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Easy loading

Quickly load your groups and templates directly to your clients profile and start using them right away.

The focus is less busy work


Easily customize each group and template to fit your business


As you needs change so can your groups and templates

Mobile ready

Clients can pay from their phone with a simple click.

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Play around with our software first and see why it’s the preferred business software for animal trainers and behavior professionals. 

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Work from anywhere

Fetch seamlessly operates on all devices, eliminating the need for app downloads and updates. Enjoy constant access to the latest updates and features.

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