Engagement without the chaos

Connecting with clients is essential, but managing it shouldn’t be a hassle. Let Fetch simplify client interactions with our intuitive client portal, making client management a breeze.

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The information you share with your clients is now at their fingertips

The dashboard keeps clients up-to-date

Client can easily view their upcoming sessions, view and pay invoices and navigate between multiple animals.


Clients can easily view which sessions are upcoming, the location, and date – eliminating any confusion.

Pay invoices with a click

Invoices display on the client portal dashboard, so your clients can quickly view and pay online in one-click.

Roadmaps & Homework

Easily share your training or behavior plan, along with any homework assignments so clients can track their progress.

Products, videos & handouts

Easily share your favorite products, videos, handouts and links with your clients.

The mighty client portal


Clients can stay on track by creating tasks for anything.

Cloud storage

When clients need to send you documents, or upload videos.


One portal for clients that work with multiple professionals. 

Multiple animals

One portal for those clients with multiple animals. 


Only share the information you want, when you want to share it.

Mobile first

A beautiful mobile experience so clients can view from anywhere.

Discover Fetch

Play around with our software first and see why it’s the preferred business software for animal trainers and behavior professionals. 

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Work from anywhere

Fetch seamlessly operates on all devices, eliminating the need for app downloads and updates. Enjoy constant access to the latest updates and features.

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