App Updates

We continuously strive to enhance Fetch in response to your feedback. As a cutting-edge application in our industry, we prioritize maintaining a current and secure codebase.

This ensures that our professionals not only have access to the latest technologies but also benefit from robust security measures, enabling them to work without unnecessary stress.

v 1.3.0


We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our platform: the brand new Invoicing Feature. With this highly anticipated update, managing your finances and client transactions has never been easier. Say goodbye to manual invoicing processes and hello to seamless, automated billing. Dive into the details of this game-changing enhancement.

🚀 Enhancements
  • Add additional payment methods to subscription
  • Removed Mailchimp dropwdown for add contact if not connected to Mailchimp
  • Event End Date automatically updates
🩹 Fixes
  • Saving starred task
  • Image upload progress indicator
  • Google Calendar UTC time
  • Ability to only choose a start Date for events
  • Duplicate events sync automatically with Google Calendar
  • Conditional check for first and last name when doing a csv import of contact data
  • Updated validation for signup form
  • Disabled “Use Clients Address” when no address is available
  • Automatically assign subscription card on file as default payment method
  • Dog profile card active state navigation

v 1.2.0

Mailchimp Integration

In Fetch 1.2, we’re thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature that redefines how professionals connect with their audience. The focal point of this release is the seamless integration with Mailchimp, empowering professionals to effortlessly sync their accounts and streamline communication with their contacts.

🔥 Performance

Mailchimp Integration: Elevate your communication strategy. Fetch 1.2 simplifies the process of sending contacts to Mailchimp. Professionals can now seamlessly sync their Mailchimp accounts directly from their settings, unlocking a new level of efficiency in managing and engaging with their audience.

🚀 Enhancements
  • Use full YouTube URL when uploading videos to library
  • Ability to add default payment method for monthly billing
🩹 Fixes
  • Contacts “initials” updated to account for empty contact list

By prioritizing Mailchimp integration, Fetch 1.2 ensures that professionals can focus more on what they do best – animal training and behavior management – while effortlessly maintaining strong connections with their clients through a powerful email communication platform.

v 1.1.0

Google Calendar Integration

Fetch 1.1 brings a game-changing feature to the forefront – seamless integration with Google Calendar. This release is all about simplifying your professional life by syncing your schedules and appointments effortlessly.

🔥 Performance

Google Calendar Integration: Take control of your time. Fetch 1.1 introduces a powerful integration with Google Calendar, allowing professionals to synchronize their schedules seamlessly. From appointments to events, your Fetch activities now seamlessly integrate with your Google Calendar, providing a centralized hub for managing your client sessions.

🩹 Fixes
  • Create event fields update to include companies
  • Spacing issues in mobile

Stay organized, save time, and enhance your workflow with Fetch 1.1. Embrace the convenience of Google Calendar integration as we continue to empower professionals with tools that align with the real needs of animal trainers and behavior professionals.

v 1.0.0

"French Bulldog"

We are thrilled to introduce Fetch 1.0, a revolutionary milestone in our commitment to providing tailored solutions for animal trainers and behavior professionals. This release marks the beginning of a transformative journey, addressing the inefficiencies inherent in generic software.

⭐ Official Release

Intuitive Interface: Say goodbye to complexity. Fetch boasts a sleek and user-friendly design, streamlining your daily workflow with an interface that resonates with ease of use.

Client Connection: Enhance your client interactions effortlessly. Seamless client management, allowing you to establish and nurture relationships with your clients like never before.

Tailored Functionality: We’ve stripped away the unnecessary clutter and focused on features that matter most to real animal trainers. Customized functionalities cater to the specific needs of your business, saving you time and effort.

Collaboration with Professionals: Fetch is not just software; it’s a collaborative effort with industry professionals. We’ve worked closely with experts to craft features that align with the real-world challenges faced by animal trainers and behavior professionals.

Experience the joy of software that understands and adapts to your unique requirements. Fetch 1.0 sets the stage for a new era in animal training management, where efficiency meets enjoyment.

v 0.9.0

Client Portal

The client portal can now easily be accessed on mobile and downloaded on your phone and desktop home screens.

Mobile Accessibility: Take your business on the go. The client portal is now easily accessible on mobile devices. Additionally, it can be downloaded to your phone’s home screen, providing unparalleled convenience.

Mobile UX: Experience a seamless transition between devices. Consistent and user-friendly experience across various mobile platforms.

Client Portal Resources Updates: Empower your clients with valuable resources. We updated the client portal resources, keeping your clients informed and engaged.

Client Account UI: Elevate the client experience. The user interface for client accounts has been refined for enhanced clarity and ease of use.

v 0.8.0

File Uploads for Clients

In our continuous commitment to facilitating seamless communication between professionals and clients, Fetch 0.8 introduces a groundbreaking feature: client file uploads through the client portal. This update aims to enhance the sharing of crucial information, fostering a more collaborative and efficient workflow.

🔥 Performance

Client File Storage: Break free from limitations. Clients now possess the capability to effortlessly upload files through the client portal, ensuring that professionals have instant access to vital information.

30GB Free Storage for Professionals: We understand the importance of data management. With Fetch 0.8, professionals benefit from a generous 30GB of free storage, providing ample space to organize and store client uploads securely.

Professionals Can Access Client Uploads: Seamlessly integrate client uploads into your workflow. Professionals can now access and review client-uploaded files directly, eliminating barriers to effective communication and collaboration.

Data Management Tracker Added to Account Settings: Take control of your data. The new data management tracker, conveniently located in account settings, offers professionals a comprehensive overview of file interactions, ensuring efficient data management.

Embrace a new level of collaboration with Fetch 0.8, where clients and professionals come together seamlessly through enhanced file sharing capabilities. Elevate your professional practice with efficient data management and a client-centric approach.

v 0.7.0

Client Notifications

Embark on a more refined and efficient journey with Fetch 0.7, we introduce key functionalities to enhance your overall user experience.

🔥 Performance

Client Notifications for Roadmaps, Homework & Notes: Stay informed and engaged. With the new portal notification functionality, clients receive timely updates on roadmaps, homework assignments, and important notes, fostering a more interactive and collaborative experience.

Delete Dog Functionality: Streamline your database effortlessly. Fetch 0.7 empowers professionals with the ability to remove a dog from the system. This automated process ensures the deletion of all associated features, such as events, cards, products, and more, offering a comprehensive and hassle-free solution.

Autosave When Editing Dog Profile: Never lose your progress. The autosave feature ensures that edits made to a dog’s profile are automatically saved, providing a seamless and stress-free editing experience.

Overall UX/UI Updates: Experience a visually enhanced interface. Fetch 0.7 includes updates to the overall user experience and interface, ensuring a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing navigation.

Embark on a smoother and more user-centric journey with Fetch 0.7, where thoughtful features and design updates combine to elevate your professional experience.

v 0.6.0


Experience a transformative shift in client-professional interactions with Fetch 0.6, a major update that redefines the structure and functionality of the Client Portal. This release is designed to foster seamless collaboration, improve navigation, and keep both professionals and clients informed through innovative notifications.

🔥 Performance

New Static Client Sidebar Navigation: Navigate with ease. Fetch 0.6 introduces a revamped static client sidebar navigation, providing a more intuitive and stable browsing experience within the Client Portal.

Ability For Multiple Dogs in Portal: Manage multiple profiles effortlessly. With this update, clients can now conveniently include multiple dogs within their portal, streamlining the management of diverse pet profiles.

Professional Collaborations: Foster a collaborative environment. Fetch 0.6 empowers professionals to collaborate seamlessly. Clients can now switch between collaborating professionals within their portal, promoting a comprehensive approach to pet care.

Choose Primary Professional: Tailor the experience to your needs. Clients gain the flexibility to choose a primary professional, ensuring personalized and focused communication within the portal.

Resource Notifications: Stay in the loop. The addition of a notification bell in the client portal keeps clients informed when professionals share essential resources with them. This feature enhances communication and ensures clients are aware of important updates.

Elevate your client portal experience with Fetch 0.6, where innovative navigation, enhanced collaboration, and resource notifications converge to create a dynamic and client-focused platform.

v 0.5.0

Professional Beta Release

Witness the birth of a groundbreaking era with Fetch 0.5, our official BETA release that lays the foundation for the future of animal training software. This milestone signifies our commitment to innovation and user-centric design, offering a sneak peek into the powerful features and functionalities that will redefine the landscape of animal training and behavior management.

🔥 Performance

User-Centric Design: Experience a thoughtfully crafted interface that prioritizes user needs and preferences, setting the stage for an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

Early Feature Glimpses: Get a glimpse of the cutting-edge features and capabilities that will become the hallmark of Fetch. Our BETA release unveils the initial set of functionalities, hinting at the comprehensive toolkit to come.

Community Engagement: Join us in shaping the future. As a BETA participant, you become an integral part of our community-driven development process. Your feedback and insights will play a crucial role in refining and perfecting Fetch for the broader audience.

Prepare to be at the forefront of innovation with Fetch 0.5, where the BETA release marks the beginning of a transformative journey toward redefining how animal trainers and behavior professionals approach their craft.

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